How do I help you make your railways safer?

Safety issues facing railway managers and engineers;

  • Prevention of rail accidents/derailments.
  • Causes only apparent after an accident.
  • Repetitive derailments.
  • Workforce breaking rules.
  • Loss of valuable evidence.
  • Ineffective site investigations

I run workshops, seminars and training courses which address all the above issues and much more.

With a vast archive of case material and extensive international experience I customise the sessions to suit your company or audience. There is no better way to understand the issues than talking with an experienced investigator who can relate personal case histories and show visual examples of evidence collection.

XDrail Ltd only runs seminars, workshops and courses either direct or via reputable consultancy companies or universities.

An opportunity for managers, engineers, and rail safety professionals to acquire detailed knowledge about causes of derailments, control actions and investigation issues.

People being trained for Rail accident investigation